What is Chocolate Liquor?

Basic Chocolate Liquor

This is the starting point for what we call chocolate. Chocolate Liquor is made by first fermenting the seeds or beans of the tropical cacao tree. This develops the flavor. The fermented beans are then dried, cleaned, sorted, roasted and cracked. The resulting 'nibs' are then ground under high pressure to a fine dark brown liquidy paste called Chcolate liquor. About 54% of the weight of fine chocolate liquor is made of cocoa butter.

Fine Chocolate Liquor

The exact recipe for the chocolate liquors used by various chcolate manufacturers are closely guarded secrets. Since the quality and flavor profile of the liquor determines the exact flavor of the resulting chocolate - there is a great deal of competition and science in the exact methods used. In Belgim, considered by most to be the home of the finest chocolate manufacturers - tank loads of chocolate liquor are treated almost as carefully as tray loads of diamonds. And worth almost as much!

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