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What should I keep in mind when picking a chocolate club?

How to pick a chocolate of the month club

You've heard about chocolate clubs that deliver different chocolates to your home monthly and you're interested in trying one. How do you decide which chocolate club to join? There are a few things to keep in mind when considering different chocolate club programs. First, how much chocolate is being delivered? Second, how long do you want to be a club member? Third, what type of chocolate are you most interested in? Chocolate manufacturers offer a variety of club options that you can customize to your specific taste and budget.

What's a good gift for my chocoholic friend?

The chocolate gift that keeps on giving

A great gift for that chocoholic who has everything is membership in a chocolate of the month club. These services deliver delicious chocolates right to the recipient's door. You'll be thanked all year round.

How can I get a discount on chocolate?

Buying chocolate in bulk

If you need a large quantity of chocolate for gifts or fundraisers for your club or school, plan to buy your chocolate online. Many online chocolate retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases and information for special fundraising rates.

How can I find other chocoholics like me?

Internet chocolate club

Do you really love chocolate? Do you talk about it, think about it, buy it, make it, eat it and dream about it? There are others like you, and thanks to the Internet, you have a chance to connect. Search for online chocolate club forums to meet others who share your bold and tasty passion for chocolate.

What's a fun activity for my chocoholic friends?

Chocolate club activities

Getting together regularly to enjoy chocolate never gets boring, but if your chocolate club wants something a little different to do, consider registering for a chocolate class. Many craft or gourmet cooking stores offer classes on chocolate making and decorating. Mention that you're signing up as a chocolate club and see if you can get a discount.

How can I make a homemade chocolate of the month club?

Create your own chocolate of the month club

If you want to give your sweetheart a chocolate club of the month membership, but can't find one that fits your needs, why not make up your own? Give a coupon book with twelve coupons, each for a different month and each featuring a different chocolate treat. Bake brownies one month. Go out together for a hot fudge sundae the next. Give chocolate chip cookies another month. The extra effort will be greatly appreciated, and it will save you a couple of bucks.

What should I consider when ordering a chocolate club membership as a gift?

Double check the nut allergies

Before you give a chocolate of the month club membership to someone, make sure you know whether that person is allergic to nuts. Since nut allergies can be serious, it's important to make sure that those allergic to nuts don't eat foods that may contain any traces of nuts. If you are worried about nuts, contact the individual chocolate company for information about their manufacturing procedures.

What's better than a chocolate of the month club membership?

What's better than a chocolate of the month club membership?

Two chocolate of the month club memberships, of course. Reward yourself for being so thoughtful as to give your significant other a chocolate club membership by giving one to yourself. Choose different clubs so you don't overlap. Now that's doubling your pleasure!

Are there chocolate clubs that deliver less often than once a month?

Chocolate every-other-month club

Do you really want to join a chocolate club, but don't think that you want to receive chocolate monthly? There is a chocolate club for you. Actually, there are several. Look into chocolate clubs that offer delivery every other month, or even just quarterly. You'll save a few bucks and still have that delicious chocolate to look forward to.

How can I get a wider variety of chocolate?

Chocolate online

Buying chocolate online can be a great way to introduce yourself to new varieties of chocolate. You can shop around for the price you're willing to pay, and you're likely to find a much wider selection.

How can I use a chocolate club in my fundraiser?

Chocolate club auction

Looking for an inexpensive, yet desirable item to offer for bidding at your auction fundraiser? How about a membership to a chocolate of the month club? Few people would turn down the opportunity to win gourmet chocolate delivered to their home every month, and even fewer people realize how economical this treat can really be. Check with local chocolate shops to see if they'd be willing to donate or offer chocolates at a discount. Shop around for a great value and let the bidding begin!

I'm tired of my book club. What else can I do monthly with my friends?

Forget the book club

Instead of meeting monthly to talk about books, consider getting together with your friends to celebrate chocolate. Your chocolate club can exchange chocolate recipes, sample homemade chocolate desserts or share a few luxurious truffles.

I need to treat myself. Any suggestions?

You deserve it

A chocolate of the month club membership isn't just for giving. Join a chocolate club and enjoy a new chocolate delicacy delivered to your door each month.

Are there other "of-the-month" clubs besides chocolate?

Inspired by the chocolate club

If you love the idea of a chocolate club but you're one of the unfortunate few who is either allergic to or just plain doesn't like chocolate, take heart. The monthly club trend is spreading. You can now find companies that will send you cheeses, fruits or even beers monthly.

How can I get more from my chocolate club membership?

Friend of the month club

Get a little extra from your chocolate of the month club membership. Each month invite someone new to come share your chocolate with you. It will be a great way to meet people and it won't be long before you're the most popular person on the block.

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