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Can you give me an easy chocolate fondue recipe?

Gourmet chocolate fondue

There's nothing like bonding over a pot of gourmet chocolate fondue. To make an easy chocolate fondue, melt one part light cream or half and half for every two parts semisweet chocolate chips. Add a dash of vanilla extract. Stir the fondue so there are no lumps. Experiment with different fruits and breads for dipping. This fondue is easy to make, but has all the class of a luxury chocolate delicacy.

What is white chocolate?

White chocolate

Although fans of white chocolate may claim that it is a luxury chocolate that deserves to be ranked with other fine chocolate varieties, white chocolate is not actually chocolate at all. Real white chocolate is based on cocoa butter, but does not contain any chocolate liquor. Often, cheaper varieties of white chocolate don't even have cocoa butter in them, making them even less worthy to be called chocolate.

Why is chocolate so good?

Why we love chocolate

Its more than just taste that makes fine chocolate such a luxury. The melting point of chocolate is just below the average human body temperature, creating the “melt-in-your-mouth” effect that feels so good. Chocolate also releases endorphins, much like a runner's high, but without the exercise.

Is there kosher chocolate?

Kosher chocolate

Kosher chocolate isn't just for Chanukah coins. Many fine chocolate makers offer kosher varieties that are made in accordance with Jewish Law. Check with your favorite chocolate shop for specifically designated kosher chocolate.

How can I get the most benefit from dark chocolate?

Get the most from dark chocolate

Drink water with your dark chocolate instead of milk. Some studies have shown that the healthy benefits of dark chocolate are canceled out when consumed in combination with milk. When consumed alone or with water, the flavanoids and antioxidants found in dark chocolate reduce the signs of aging and protect the heart, much in the same way that red wine and green tea do.

Is Belgian chocolate worth the price?

Don't pass up Belgian chocolate

Put "eating Belgian chocolate" up high on your list of things to do in your lifetime. Belgian chocolate is most often handmade, and is always comprised of the purest chocolate ingredients. Belgian chocolatiers use traditional chocolate making procedures that have been in practice for centuries. In today's world of highly mechanized chocolate making, Belgian chocolate is truly unique and worth every penny.

Who decides the difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate?

How chocolate is your chocolate?

Strictly speaking, chocolate is defined as a product made of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Beyond that, the specific classifications of chocolate are regulated and defined by the government. In the United States, dark chocolate must contain 15% chocolate liquor, while in Europe the percentage rises to 35%. Milk chocolate in the U.S. is required to contain 10% chocolate liquor, while in Europe the percentage is again higher at 25%.

How can I get the most enjoyment from my chocolate?

Savor the flavor

Slow down when you're eating fine chocolate Close your eyes and concentrate on nothing but the flavor and texture. Gourmet chocolates, such as Vermont chocolate and Belgian chocolate, deserve your full attention. When you don't rush your chocolate experience, you'll enjoy it more and be more satisfied with less.

What"s so great about dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate

Researchers continue to find reasons for us to take our chocolate dark. Dark chocolate contains more flavanoids and antioxidants that have been proven to fight disease and reduce the signs of aging. Plus, since dark chocolate naturally contains less sugar than milk chocolate, it's a great food for low-carb dieters.

What is the best chocolate for baking?

Best chocolate for baking

When baking, it's best to go with a dark chocolate. In general, dark chocolate gives better chocolate flavor, while milk chocolate is often too sweet.

What's an easy idea for a chocolate themed party?

Host a chocolate film night and potluck

For a fun night in with your favorite chocoholic friends, put on a chocolate themed film festival and potluck. Ask each guest to bring a favorite type of luxury chocolate to share and watch the movie "Chocolat."

How can I remember to take my calcium supplement?

Chocolate supplements

If you're having a hard time remembering to take your calcium supplement, eat a chocolate instead. Companies that make nutritional supplements are now offering calcium supplements disguised as chocolate chews. While it's not luxury chocolate, it might just be enough to motivate you to take the calcium you need. Studies show that as many as 75 percent of women don't get the calcium they need. Now if they could only find a way to turn exercise into a fine chocolate dessert....

How can I get a chocolate fountain for my party?

Chocolate fountains

Rent a chocolate fountain for your next party. Much like a regular fountain, the luxurious liquid in a chocolate fountain pours out the top of the fountain, cascades down a level or two, and is drawn up to the top again. Offer your guests a variety of bite-sized fruits and breads on toothpicks to dip in the fountain. Fine chocolate fountains are available through catering services and can be rented by the hour. To save money, arrange to have the fountain running only during the appetizer portion of your party.

Is it ok to substitute different kinds of chocolate for each other in baking?

Know your chocolate

Because different types of chocolate have different chemical properties, it's important to check your recipe and make sure you have the right kind of chocolate before you start cooking. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate and cocoa powder all affect your recipe differently. Using the wrong chocolate could have disastrous effects.

Why shouldn't I stick with my favorite chocolates every time?

Fruits, nuts or chews?

If you're like most people, you probably have a strong opinion about how you like your chocolates. Some people swear by nuts, while others will only eat the caramel centers or the fruit chews. With all the luxury chocolate becoming available it's time you face your prejudice. Get gourmet chocolate in a variety that you aren't used to and concentrate on enjoying the flavor. You may just find that you open up a whole new world of chocolate to enjoy.

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