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How can I mail the freshest chocolate dessert?

Do-it-yourself chocolate by mail

Instead of mailing prepared chocolate desserts, which take time to prepare and package correctly, mail chocolate dessert ingredients in a decorative container. A chocolate dessert that works especially well with this is brownies. Assemble the dry ingredients and place them in any shatter-proof container. Include a brownie pan and instructions for adding wet ingredients and baking. This worry-free way to send chocolate by mail gives your recipient the freshest possible chocolate dessert with the fewest possible dishes to do.

What's a good gift to mail to a chocoholic kid?

Birthday chocolate by mail

Do you know a kid whose birthday is coming up? Why not send a chocolate movie night? Package up a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (either the movie or the book) with the child's favorite chocolate bar.

How can I use my extra homemade chocolate syrup?

Holiday chocolate syrup

This year for the holidays, experiment with making your own chocolate syrup. When you find a recipe you like, can several extra jars in small jam jars for mailing as gifts. Decorate the jars with festive fabrics and ribbons. Be sure to package the jars securely to avoid breaking. This is a great way to send chocolate by mail.

I've heard of chocolate with surprises inside. What is this?

Chocolate with a surprise inside

If you want to mail chocolate for a child's birthday, but you also want to mail a toy, you no longer have to choose between the two. Chocolate eggs with toys inside are now available, giving you the best of both worlds. If you want to give a surprise chocolate egg to a grownup, break a hollow chocolate egg in half carefully at the seam. Place a message or small gift inside and seal back up with melted chocolate. Freeze until solid. Mail chocolate overnight so that it doesn't melt.

How can I mail chocolate that won't melt?

Mail chocolate that doesn't melt

Even if you take precautions to keep your chocolate from melting while in transit, it's still likely that your chocolate may arrive as a soggy puddle. For those times when only chocolate will do, and you can't deliver it in person, consider mailing packages of fine gourmet hot chocolate. They're delicious, thoughtful, and completely melt-proof.

How do I send homemade chocolate by mail?

How to send homemade chocolate by mail

Because the post office doesn't offer refrigeration on their mail trucks, it's best to mail chocolate in the colder months to avoid melting. Another option is to freeze the chocolate and choose overnight or 2-day delivery. The extra charge for quick delivery will ensure that when you send homemade chocolate by mail it won't be delivered as a gloppy mess.

How do I package chocolate for mailing?

Package chocolate for mailing

To mail chocolate, package it securely so that it won't be crushed during the journey. Place chocolate in a box within the larger packing box, and fill in the space between boxes with packing peanuts or some other insulator. To save time at the post office, make sure that your outermost box has the address printed clearly and that all other addresses from previous mailings have been completely marked out.

What's the easiest way to send chocolate by mail?

Mail order chocolate

If you want to send chocolate by mail, but don't want the hassle of making the chocolate, packaging the chocolate, or going to the post office, ask your favorite luxury candy store for a mail order chocolate catalog. You can browse through the selection, place your order by phone or online, and even include a personal message or gift wrapping.

How do I store chocolate?

How to store chocolate

If you get too much chocolate by mail this Valentine's Day, taking a few precautionary measures can ensure that it will store well until you can get around to eating it. Pack the chocolate in an air tight containter and choose a storage place that is apart from other foods. Chocolate easily affected by the aromas of nearby foods, so store it separately in a place that can be kept at a temperature of around 60 degrees Farenheit and with a humidity of less than 50%.

How can I tell if the chocolate I got in the mail is still good?

Check your mail order chocolate

Before you eat that chocolate you just got in the mail, check to make sure that it's still good. Bad chocolate will have whitish-grey blotches, signaling that the cocoa butter has begun to separate. You can still eat the chocolate without getting sick, but it won't taste as good. Alternately, you can melt it and use it in your favorite chocolate recipe.

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