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What chocolate favor could I make that could double as a centerpiece?

Chocolate wedding roses

Put a smile on the faces of your wedding guests when they sit down to their tables and see a bouquet of chocolate roses. To make, place two wrapped Hershey's kisses end to end and wrap with red cellophane. Without puncturing the chocolate, insert a florist wire, bamboo skewer or green pipe cleaner into the cellophane. Tape together with green florist tape and continue wrapping the tape around until it covers the wire. Decorate with a bow or silk rose leaves. Let the guests each take one home as a wedding favor.

What's a chocolate wedding favor that I can make myself?

Painted chocolate wedding favor

Check your craft store or an online retailer for chocolate molds with a wedding theme. Once you make the chocolates you can paint them with candy in the colors of your wedding. Your guests will love these homemade chocolate wedding favors.

Can you recommend a personilze chocolate favor in a non-traditional shape?

Chocolate coins

If you want to give a chocolate wedding favor, but don't like the tradition wedding shapes, give chocolate coins. Several companies personalize chocolate coins with your logo or special message embossed on the gold or silver foil.

What is a common wedding favor that I could use?

Chocolate wedding favors

Nothing says love quite like chocolate. Thank your guests for sharing in your special day with chocolate wedding favors. Many companies specializing in wedding favors allow you to personalize chocolate wedding favors with your names and the wedding date for an extra special touch.

Can you recommend a wedding favor that is personal, but classic?

Personalized chocolate wedding favors

For a twist on the tradition of chocolate wedding favors, look for a company that creates personalized molds for chocolate bars. These molds can be ordered to contain a message of thanks from the bride and groom.

Is there a way to make my wedding guests feel as happy as I do?

Spread the love

Perhaps one of the reasons that chocolate is such a popular choice among wedding favors is that it actually causes us to feel a little like we're in love. Chocolate contains chemicals that produce euphoria and increase heart rate and blood pressure. Some research has even concluded that women who eat chocolate frequently have a better sex drive.

What's a classy way to present chocolate favors?

Presentation counts with chocolate wedding favors

Presentation counts when it comes to wedding favors. For an easy wedding favor that your guests will enjoy, place a simple but elegant chocolate in a decorative box. The box can compliment your wedding colors and add an extra touch of grace.

What's a chocolate wedding favor that is truly unique?

Picture yourself on your chocolate favors

What to give a chocolate wedding favor that is truly unique? Look for a service that will reproduce a photo of you and your betrothed in edible food coloring on a chocolate favor. Now that's sure to put a smile on a few faces.

How can I give a chocolate favor that compliments my wedding colors?

Compliment your colors

If you want to give a chocolate wedding favor to your guests, but don't have a lot of time to find or make something original, never fear. It is now possible to order chocolates with candy coatings in a wide variety of colors. Order these popular chocolates in the colors of your wedding and wrap in elegant cloth with a bow to make simple and memorable wedding favors.

How can I save on chocolate wedding favors?

Save on your chocolate wedding favors

Many companies will allow you to buy gourmet chocolates in bulk at a discount, making chocolate an economical choice for wedding favors. Before you buy, check if the company you're buying from also sells wedding favor bags, as these can give your chocolate party favors and elegant touch.

What is the history of the chocolate wedding favor?

Try a traditional wedding favor

Some of the first wedding favors were small jeweled boxes meant for holding bonbons and other luxurious sweets. Since then, elegant chocolates have continued to be a favorite for wedding favors. To continue in this tradition, present your gifts with an elegant truffle. The simple treat is still appreciated by wedding guests.

Is it possible to find a chocolate wedding favor to match my theme?

Chocolate favors for themed weddings

Chocolate wedding favors can be a great compliment to many wedding themes. Are you having a beach wedding? Try chocolates shaped like shells. Weddings held around Easter can feature chocolate Easter eggs in small baskets with decorative grass. Chocolates come in so many shapes that it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect chocolate favor for your wedding theme.

What's the benefit of buying chocolate favors online?

Buy chocolate wedding favors online

The Internet offers far more chocolate wedding favors than your local chocolate shop. By purchasing your wedding favors online, you can quickly comparison shop and find the perfect chocolate party favor to match the style of your wedding and your budget.

What's an easy chocolate wedding favor to make?

Easy chocolate wedding favors

Gather chocolate flavored mints into a plastic bag and place it in an empty toilet paper roll. Wrap with tissue paper or crepe paper in your wedding's theme colors and tie the ends with ribbon. This makes a great wedding favor or bridal shower favor.

What can I top my cake with besides the traditional bride and groom statues?

Chocolate wedding cake topper

Instead of placing the traditional plastic bride and groom dolls on top of your wedding cake, consider instead a chocolate sculpture. Check with vendors who sell chocolate wedding favors to see if they have anything deliciously classy to top your cake.

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